• How do I purchase a delicious product from your online store?

Log on to thelittlestcuttlefish.co.za/shop (You should only be one click away!! look up at the top!!).  Choose a 'delish' product under one of our available categories & get super excited!  Click on the "Add to cart" button & your selected product will be added to your shopping trolley. If you are done shopping, click on the shopping trolley icon to view your order.  Make sure all the items you have selected are there before continuing to the checkout page. You should then see the total amount of your purchase and instructions on how to pay on your screen. Once you make payment through 1 of the 3 options and have followed the payment instructions, we will get cracking on your order!! An email will then be sent to you with a tracking number and confirmation of your order.  That's when you should get REALLY excited - as your jewellery is on its way!


  • What happens if the item I want to order is out of stock?

Oh no!! This means this is a super popular product & we are speedily trying to make & restock this item as quickly as we can.  On the product page, right where it would normally say Add to cart it says Notify me when it is available.  By selecting this option & adding your email address, you will receive an email when we have restocked this item.  So go ahead & enter your email address when prompted & we will get on to making that item for you to order!!


  • How much will delivery cost?

Rates differ according to how much you order and your location.  Once the number of items has been confirmed in the cart and your address is given, an accurate amount for shipping can be given.  We currently use FastWay as our main suppliers and their rates can be found here.


  • Which payments methods can I use?

We accept Visa & Mastercard through the PayFast gateway. We also accept EFT (you will see the payment instructions as you check out). Should you want to pay using Zapper, please use the QR code at the bottom of the screen, tick EFT on the payment options when you have completed filling out your cart, then fill in the amount owed into Zapper.  As soon as we receive payment notification, we will begin packaging your order! If you catch us at a market, we also accept Zapper payments.


  • Where does The Littlest Cuttlefish ship too?

We ship to all areas within South Africa. International shipping by request.


  • How long will it take to get my order?

Once you have finished filling your cart & have checked out and made payment, shipping can take 1 - 2 working days to Cape Town based areas, 2 - 4 day to all major cities in South Africa and other more remote areas may take 4 - 8 days.

Add 1 - 2 weeks over and above the shipping time if the product you have ordered is currently out of stock.


  • How will I know you if you have received my order?

After you place an order, you will receive a confirmation email with all the details of the order – Yay!! But don’t forget that if you are paying via EFT or Zapper, your order will only be processed once we have received your proof of payment. Please ensure that you send the proof of payment to thelittlestcuttlefish@gmail.com or through Zapper as soon as possible to make sure your item gets to you pronto! We will start the shipping and delivery process as soon as the amount has reflected in our bank account.

  • What happens if I want to return or exchange something I bought from you?

Good news!! You totally can!! Provided it is still in its original condition.  You may exchange or return any item within 7 days of receiving delivery of the item.  Please note that all delivery costs to return the item will be for your own expense. Just drop us an email to tell us what has happened to the item or that you wish to return the item and we will send you an email back with a HUGE apology and the return shipping address.  Refunds will only be made under specific circumstances. Please see our Disclaimer regarding damaged items.


  • Is your polymer clay fragile? Can I break it? Will my children be able to wear the accessories?

Generally polymer clay is pretty tough and will not break easily, but polymer clay can break if excessive bending or pressure is applied to it, so try not to pull or twist the products to its extremes.  While caution is taken when making each item, some thinner items may develop small cracks, which could lead to breakage, if this happens to you, please check out our Returns policy. Children love wearing our accessories and the small sizes suit them well!  Please see our Disclaimer for cautions when children and others with allergies wear our accessories.

  • Do you use any local products in your manufacturing?

We love using local products!! At the moment our polymer clay & glazes are locally sourced in Cape Town at Clayologie & we use recycled bottle tops in the making of our tarts.  We would love to use more, so if you are a local supplier, contact us at thelittlestcuttlefish@gmail.com.


  • Do you sell your delicious accessories at any shops?

Currently we are only available online and at local markets, but if you wish to stock our product at your store, drop us an email!! We have some exciting new stores stocking our products soon, so watch this space!  Catch us on Facebook for news of when and where we will be selling our accessories - come over and say "Hi!"